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Time-Aware design

I already advocated how an Event Driven Architecture allows our code to be more aligned with our business. Mike has the same conclusion, focusing on Practical Event Sourcing.
But why such a system is by design more aligned with the business?onceaponatimeBecause it tells a story 

Good code must tell a story.
It must tell a story to the business experts to help them take their next decision. It must tell a story to the developers to help them grab the flow of the system. It must tell a story to the users, to help them use the software.
A story is nothing but a succession of important Events.


Because it stores root causes instead of consequences

Storing the root causes of a decision is more interesting than storing its consequences. It’s always possible to derive the current state of our system by re applying the root cause and subsequent Events.
But if only the current state is known, it is harder to find what happened in the past.


Because it is a « free » logging system

Why do we use logging at Runtime? Because we try to guess the story.
If by design we track every important Event, the logging system is « free », in the sense that no more infrastructure is required to support logging.
Events can be used retroactively by the business to look for interesting correlation in the data.


Event Driven limits

There is no free lunch though.
Event Driven systems have very low coupling, which improves maintenance, but hurts navigability. When interactions between classes are done using Events, navigation is harder to follow the flow of a use case.
It will be hard to build a team of developers used to this design, as it is not mainstream. The team will need training, to perform the required mindset shift.
Also it is often implemented with no-SQL storage, a less mature technology than SQL storage.


Event Driven Architecture introduces Time in design

We know we lack the representation of time in software despite of its fundamental impact. Even if it has limits, Event Driven Architecture is a way to fill this lack by introducing time at the heart of the software.
It facilitates the alignment of our code with our business, and with the runtime.
It allows less friction between the different dimensions.
It is a Time-Aware design.



Thanks Gautier for your suggestion to replace TimeFull by Time-Aware.



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