To become a software crafter…Or die in the attempt.

A fresh blog on my journey


Back to early 2012, I started to write a blog. I came to this decision after reading The Passionate Programmer of Chad Fowler.

I like to share my thoughts on software craftsmanship, but I believe I miss a few opportunities to share with people speaking English. However I have a big problem, this is pretty hard for me to explain clearly my thoughts in English.

Hopefully, one of my favorite mantra is: “if you find it hard, do it often”. And I have two things in my current todo list: improve my English skill, and improve my blog design. So here I am, starting a new blog, I will try to write here only in English, and to design it to be (a bit) less ugly.

My name is Emilien Pecoul, welcome in my journey into software cratfsmanship.



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